60 Years of Double Beta Decay by Hans Volker Klapdor-Kleingrothaus

By Hans Volker Klapdor-Kleingrothaus

Nuclear double beta decay is likely one of the so much promising instruments for probing beyond-the-standard-model physics on beyond-accelerator power scales. it truly is already now probing the TeV scale, on which new physics should still present itself in keeping with theoretical expectancies. simply within the early Nineteen Eighties was once it recognized that double beta decay yields info at the Majorana mass of the exchanged neutrino. at the present, the sharpest certain for the electron neutrino mass arises from this procedure. it's only within the final 10 years that the even more far-reaching strength of double beta decay has been stumbled on. at the present time, the possibility of double beta decay incorporates a vast diversity of issues which are both proper to particle physics and astrophysics, resembling lots of heavy neutrinos, of sneutrinos, as SUSY versions, compositeness, leptoquarks, left-right symmetric versions, and exams of Lorentz symmetry and equivalence precept within the neutrino zone. Double beta decay has turn into fundamental these days for fixing the matter of the neutrino mass spectrum and the constitution of the neutrino mass matrix - including current and destiny sunlight and atmospheric neutrino oscillation experiments. a few destiny double beta experiments (like Genius) might be able to be concurrently neutrino observatories for double beta decay and low-energy sunlight neutrinos, and observatories for chilly darkish topic of final sensitivity. This important ebook outlines the improvement of double beta examine from its beginnings till its most up-to-date achievements, and in addition offers the outlook for its hugely fascinating destiny.

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33 Samoil Bilenkii, Fig. 34 Hisakazu Mina(middle) with Rabindra N. kata at KEK meeting, Mohapatra and T . Kotani, Japan, November 1997 at the Erice Neutrino School, (foto author). Sicily, Italy, September 1997. Fig. 35 Osamu Yasuda and John Vergados at the BEYOND'99 Conference, Castle Ringberg, Germany, 1999 (foto author). by OvfiP decay excludes the small angle and large-angle MSW solution if neutrinos are near-degenerate, "forcing us into the vacuum-oscillation solution, in which the neutrino mass degeneracy must be at the level of one part in 10 10 ".

V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus J. Hellmig and M. Hirsch, [Kla97c**] . . 4 GENIUS — A Supersensitive Germanium Detector System for Rare Events, Proposal, August 1999, second draft, H. V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus L. Baudis, G. Heusser, B. Majorovits and H. Pas, [Kla99a**] 1281 1 Prom the Early Days until the Gauge Theory Era Chapter 1 Double Beta Decay — Historical Retrospective and Perspectives The history of double beta decay using the nucleus as a complicated laboratory for a wide range of particle physics starts more than 60 years ago.

FVom the Early Days until the Gauge Theory Era Fig. 5 Fred Reines, at t h e Neutrino'92 Conference, Granada, Spain, (from left t o right, first row: A. , F . Reines, the author, T. T. Zatsepin, K. Winter, R. Mossbauer, P. Vogel). A. Cowan and F. Reines [Cow56], [Rei59] in 1955. The first experiment on double beta decay seemed to give a hint on neutrinoless double beta decay. L. Fireman [Fir48], [Fir49*-I] searched for electrons from the transition 124Sn —> 1 2 4 Te, using coincidence counters and observed a signal which corresponded to a half life between 4 and 9xl015 years.

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