A Girl's Guide to Vampires by Katie MacAlister

By Katie MacAlister

Pleasure Randall's best five guidance for Vampire Hunters: situation, position, position. Vampires will not be stuck lifeless (ha!) in areas like discos, ten-minute lube outlets, or Switzerland. have in mind, for those who would not be there, neither could a bloodsucker. belief your eyes. you recognize the good-looking, annoyingly boastful, confident guy within the shadows with lengthy hair and a cleft in his chin? he is your vampire. regardless of how tempting it would be, don't "accidentally" gather a paper minimize in your finger and recommend your vampire kiss it to make it larger. Play it cool. do not provide to accompany your prince of the evening at the talk-show circuit, and no matter what you do, do not provide him your middle! such a lot of all, take into accout: being a vampire is not anything to giggle approximately.

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She grinned, her eyes shadowed in the flat glow of the overhead light. "Dante's castle is next door to the town I'm going to, you know. You said you want to see some castles while we're in Europe, and if we hang around Dante's long enough, we might get a glimpse of him. " "That poor man," I said in mock sorrow, shaking my head as I retrieved my purse from the back seat. " I flashed her a quick grin before I closed the door on her outraged protests. I waved and toddled up the stairs to my attic apartment, a vague uneasy feeling still gripping me despite my determination to pooh-pooh the evening's events.

She's got a dead-end job, an ex-boyfriend who could bore an ice cube, and no interests outside the library. " "You're delusional," I said with great dignity. " "So if you don't see her soul mate in the immediate future," Roxy continued, ignoring my interruption, "I for one would appreciate it if you would lie and say you did. " And lonely. I was willing to admit that. Very lonely. I swirled the ice in my glass around and reflected on my loneliness. " Miranda opened her eyes to shoot a questioning look at Roxy.

The sign was printed in English, German, and French, GOTHFAIRE! it proclaimed in bold, red letters: TAKE A JOURNEY TO THE DARKNESS THAT DWELLS WITHIN US ALL, EXPERIENCE DARK PASSIONS AND DARKER SINS. INDULGE IN YOUR DEEPEST, MOST SECRET GOTHIC DESIRES AS YOU PLUNGE INTO A WORLD FILLED WITH THE MACABRE, THE BIZARRE, THE ENDLESS NIGHT. TICKETS available beginning 24 October. "Sounds like a carnival or something like one of those Renaissance fairs, only this one is devoted to the Goth scene. What about it?

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