A Grammar of Tamashek Tuareg by Jeffrey Heath

By Jeffrey Heath

This can be a entire description of Tamashek Tuareg spoken in Mali. The types coated during this quantity are these of Tamashek within the slender feel, except Tawellemett yet together with the opposite Malian forms (Goundam, Timbuktu, Gao, Ansongo, Kidal, and the Gourma quarter south of the Niger River together with Gosi and the outskirts of Hombori).

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E. when the gemination is confined to the long imperfective, we get dd instead of tt. An example is 'graze', with PerfP -adasn- and LoImpfP -t-addan-. ( I Let us now consider cases where the inflectable verb stem has ungeminated d and a nominal derivative has a geminated counterpart. In these cases, we get dd rather than tt. Thus -odaen- 'be missing', VblN iddun. g. -t-attaf-, -t-addan-, and iddun shows that both tt and dd can occur stem-medially. I conclude that the choice requires reference to morphology and does not constitute a pure phonological process.

For u > o, compare the infinitives (of the same verb class) ujas [u'djaf] 'entering' and liral [o'ral] 'waiting'. The attested clusters of this type are /Id/, /lz/, /nd/, /mb/, /md/, /qr/, /mz/, /nz/, and less systematically /bd/. ', and for some speakers i-bda/ [e'bda] 'he was separated'. g. slqabil-aet 'tribe'. 36 3 Phonology The short-V merger is potentially momentous, given the importance of the a versus ae opposition in verbal ablaut. In verbs of the shape -vCCvC-, for example, the PerfP stem is -aCCaeC- while the Shlmpf stem is -aCCaC-, and if the final C is a BLC this aspectual distinction is phonetically neutralized.

15. The largest set of alternations of final zero with semivowel are nominal plurals that involve both a suffix (MaPl -aen or -an, FePl -en) and a stem change. 10). Here one could argue that the w serves to separate the α of the stem from the suffix-initial V. g. MaPl -taen instead of -aen. g. e-baeje 'horse', PI i-bajw-αη. I therefore take the w in üdfaw-aen (and l-bajw-αη) to be part of the stem rather than part of the suffix or an epenthetic linker. As a result, I recognize more cases here of stem-final w confined to the plural.

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