A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook by Bob Stahl PhD

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I want to express endless gratitude to my wife, Jan Landry, and our two sons, Ben and Bodhi, who have been my greatest teachers and loved and supported me through and through. I also give thanks for all the love and support from my brother, Barry, and sister, Kim, and their families. Endless gratitude to my grandparents, Netti and Ben, Ida and Samuel, who taught me kindness and levity and seeded so much love into all of our families. I also want to express my boundless homage to my beloved meditation teachers Taungpulu Sayadaw, Hlaing Tet Sayadaw, Pakokku Sayadaw, and Dr.

How mindfulness works with stress reduction 5. mindfulness of the body 6. deepening your practice 7. meditation for anxiety and stress 8. transforming fear through loving-kindness meditation 9. interpersonal mindfulness 10. the healthy path of mindful eating, exercise, rest, and connection 11. keeping up your practice afterword resources references a note to ebook readers The paper edition of this work comes with a bound-in CD that contains audio tracks in MP3 format, which can be used to support the meditations you'll find as you read along.

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