A story of light: a short introduction to quantum field by M. Y. Han

By M. Y. Han

Provides the basic elements of relativistic quantum box thought with minimum use of arithmetic. It covers the advance of quantum box thought from the unique quantization of electromagnetic box to the gauge box conception of interactions between quarks and leptons.

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Once these “imitation” classical fields are quantized in exactly the same manner as the electromagnetic field, the resulting theory of matter particles interacting with photons — quantum electrodynamics — turned September 23, 2004 40 10:12 WSPC/SPI-B241: A Story of Light chap07 A Story of Light out to be the most successful theory for elementary particles to date. ” That is its rationalization. September 23, 2004 10:12 WSPC/SPI-B241: A Story of Light chap08 8 Road Map for Field Quantization We are now ready to proceed with the quantization of classical fields — the classical electromagnetic, Klein–Gordon and Dirac fields — that were discussed in the last chapter.

The most basic and defining characteristic of quantum mechanics — often called the central mystery of quantum mechanics — is the uniquely dual nature of matter called the wave– particle duality. In the microscopic scale of quantum world — of atoms, nuclei and elementary particles — a physical object behaves in such a way that exhibits the properties of both a wave and a particle. Often the wave–particle duality of quantum world is presented as physical objects that are both a wave and a particle.

The expression above for energy can also be 1 For example, such classics as An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory by S. Schweber (1961), Relativistic Quantum Fields by J. Bjorken and S. Drell (1965), and Introduction to Quantum Field Theory by P. Roman (1969). September 23, 2004 10:10 WSPC/SPI-B241: A Story of Light chap09 Particles and Fields III: Particles as Quanta of Fields 49 denoted as H= where (recall that a∗ a + 1 2 ω= aa∗ − 1 2 ω = 1 in the natural unit system) 1 (i p + mωx) 2mω 1 a∗ = √ (−i p + mωx).

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