Advanced Kuji-In: Transformational Approach by Francois Lepine

By Francois Lepine

You're hugely inspired to learn the introductive ebook "Qi-Gong and Kuji-In" earlier than you move directly to the complex recommendations provided during this e-book. taken with the transformation of self from inside, Kuji-in is a Buddhist ritual perform that won't in basic terms paintings you to develop into the grasp of your existence, yet also will produce unparalleled observable manifestations of serious strength, wellbeing and fitness, actual and psychological energy. training Kuji-In because it is gifted right here will aid and improve each motion you are taking in existence. Your psychic skills will evolve, and you'll in attaining an extended belief of the realm

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In fact, it did not actually go away; it was transmuted into trust. Thus, I came to understand the entire experience, and the emotion became what I sought, thanks to the wonderful process of evolution. It can take years of suffering for a normal human being to grasp the essence of a single lesson, and this process is rarely accomplished consciously. This lack of conscious understanding permits the negative events to re-emerge over and over. With conscious integration of an emotional experience, a few hours, sometimes even a few minutes are enough to release the entire experience for you.

Someday when you feel like exploring your emotional world, you may return to this exercise and practice emotional transmutation more often. You may even wait many years before you perform it regularly, it doesn’t really matter. Someday, you will feel the need to use this technique. When you do, you will double your Kuji-In efficiency. Until then, a lot of things can enhance your Kuji-In efficiency, so it’s ok to prefer one technique over another. It is important to try each technique at least once, and then you should focus on the main Kuji-In thread (the attitude/practice combination).

Recognize that THIS is what drives this superiority complex. Absorb it. - 51 - You may also experience a reflex reaction that comes out of the fear that if you integrate these urges, you might lose this competitive edge, this drive for power. ” Have no concern. If you absorb this superiority complex, you will still be driven to become powerful, but you will do so consciously, and it will stop being a competitive race with others, based on the ignorant and foolish assumption that there are limited resources for which you must contend.

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