Alien Resonance by Tom Easton

By Tom Easton

While Easter Eggs that ring whilst touched fall from the sky, it truly is either a brand new form of First touch and a love tale. The query is--what type of love?

An unique technology fiction novel from the writer of SPARROWHAWK.

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It took very little persuading to get his story. He was, he said, a part-time student who had been in the habit of amplifying his income by peddling a little dope. Recently, however, one of his customers had shown a badge. Crane had promptly agreed to collect worrystones for the government. Now the agent came by his apartment every night for the stones he had collected that day. He thought his "owners" must have recruited others like him. "I'll bet they have," said Di. "We ought to set a trap," said Dana.

There was no mistaking Wendell Collin among the crowd disembarking from the plane. His head erupted above the mass, its rumpled red hair a banner for attention. Alec waved a hand, calling, "Dr. " As the man turned toward him, Di let one small giggle escape. Collin's prominent chin jutted like the prow of a boat while his body was so skinny that it seemed impossible he would leave a wake. But his face was wrinkled with good humor, and his smile was open as he held out a hand. Alec introduced himself and his friends.

So the government has shot itself in the foot. It's defeated itself. " She giggled. "And now they've even put a price on love. " "They've put the price on brotherly love. " There was silence. Di turned her head away and back again. Her hand clutched at the skin of his belly. " "You haven't said a thing. But... But, it's funny, what the stones do. " She was talking rapidly, babbling as if she had a lot to say all at once. "Some people can't even tell erotic love from parental love or filial love," she said.

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