An Irresistible Bachelor by Jessica Bird

By Jessica Bird

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They might given him a host and brought away his identify. Taken his freedom, his domestic, his family members. every little thing that made lifestyles worthy lifing. yet they could not take his wish. .. and she or he got here to him taking a look like an angel with hair the colour of silver moonlight and eyes the colour of a turbulent sea. She tenderly taken care of his wounds whereas he lay in darkness, giving him the need to move on.

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Coming home to him and the job offer of a lifetime just seemed too good to be true. Or maybe she was making excuses. Maybe she was a little scared to tackle something like that portrait on her own. And maybe her attraction to him was just one more hazard in a minefield of complications. She put his card in her coat pocket, the one that didn't have the hole in it, and checked her mailbox. After taking out two overdue bills, she walked up the six flights to her apartment. The stairwell smelled of Indian cooking from the family who lived on the first floor, and turpentine from the artist who lived on the second.

Whatever the words, they would undoubtedly strike the perfect note. Just like the woman's clothes and hair had. " As she jerked at the sound of Walker's voice, she let out a squeak she could have done without. " She opened her mouth, but any cogent thought stalled as she took a good look at him. The black T-shirt and running shorts were a surprise. And so was the sheen of sweat over his skin. But his body was what really got her attention. My God, she thought. He was an athlete under those expensive suits.

It was an entitled way of looking at life, and one that had resulted in his father being much celebrated by the universities, libraries, and museums that were the fortunate recipients of his largesse. Unfortunately, all that philanthropy had also landed him dead broke by the time Jack was twenty-five. The painting had been one of the first things sold to keep up the charade of limitless wealth. Although Nathaniel Six had been dead for almost five years, Jack could clearly imagine how conflicted his old man would have been at the first Nathaniel's return.

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