Armenia and the Crusades Tenth to Twelth Centuries - The by Ara Edmond Dostourian

By Ara Edmond Dostourian

This paintings is a translation of the Chronicle of the 12th-century Armenian historian, Matthew of Edessa. The Chronicle, which covers the interval from 952 A.D. to 1162 A.D., mostly bargains with occasions happening in Armenia and higher Mesopotamia, and likewise offers many references to significant occasions within the Byzantine Empire and people components conquered through the early crusaders. The author's objective is to explicate these components of the Chronicle which aren't transparent; to explain the textual content through old, geographical, bibliographical, chronological, and different references; and to check and distinction the narration of occasions within the Chronicle with that of alternative historians, either modern and non-contemporary. The creation discusses the historian's existence, paintings, and attitudes. Co-published with the nationwide organization for Armenian experiences and examine.

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Edessa. the sword and enslavement, subjected the whole land to d evas ~ I~:. Many Christians were led into captivity to the country ~ ~ 1 Muslims Moreover, the Muslims ravaged Alar and Sewa~:~ bl and filled th~ fountai,ns and water-conduits of t~~~;~;:t~\he bf~od Because of all thIS severe slaughter, the Ian fi thered of the Christians. In this same year the Roman orces 19a the and . t the Mus rms together and came agams I, . eror. :~t~e ~~~~~e ~~~tened horsemen he reached the town of M~hte~e'b ~tl When the Muslim and did not go up against the MuslIms III a e.

They saw that the prudence of the acolyth was not equal to theirs and thus were afraid to go with him. 73. " As he said this, he put seven coats of mail one on top of the other and struck them with his sword, breaking off pieces of the iron mail. " They gave many gifts to the Roman general and went with him to Constantinople. Upon entering the city, they went weeping to the tomb of the emperor Basil and threw the paper containing the oath given to them on it. 1 Then they said: "You have brought us to the country of the Romans, and they threaten us with death.

Th a f rIg t u and . fi' f Christ, In the same manner the sun' l' h . CI IXlOn 0 clothed it. The luminaries of the h s 19 t was hIdden and darkness and the whole sky was stretched o~~~~~ turned ~loomy and black, a vault m darkness. The sun became blackened at m' dd as they would in the middl: of an~ ~~ the stars appeared in toto grew intense, all creatures cried toe mg . The darkness and gloom hills resounded. ll arge k' editerranean Sea, moving happened that, when mankind sa man ~nd. mourned and wept.

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