Ars Vercanus: Advanced Magickal Techniques by Vasilios Wennergren

By Vasilios Wennergren

For so long as humanity has existed, there were these expert within the occult arts. Such everyone is in a position to remodeling the self, perceiving the delicate point of life, and affecting fact through nonphysical ability. In each tradition, throughout each period, shamans, magi, mystics, and seers have sophisticated their arts. This has produced a wealthy and sundry number of magickal suggestions and rituals. Ars Vercanus offers a entire procedure of center magickal thoughts and theories distilled from an in-depth cross-cultural research of varied magickal traditions. The theories of Vercanus Magick impart a deep knowing of ways magick truly works. Vercanus concepts essentially delineate equipment in which magick might be successfully played. This variety of magick includes a profound transferring of realization, facilitating an more suitable conception of fact. via this increased attention the practitioner perceives the deeper facets of truth during which magick happens. The concepts of Vercanus Magick entail the gaining knowledge of of attention and inner energies. This mastery induces a profound transformation within the magus. therefore remodeled, the magus is able to shaping fact at its private point.

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This influences the subject to take action in accordance with the willed change. This influence is typically experienced at a semiconscious level. Symbol for Magus MAGICKAL APTITUDE To effectively practice magick, the magus must possess natural talent and the Magickal Requisites. Natural Talent consists of a predilection towards mind control, energy control and etheric perception. Mind control refers to the general ability to control the flow of internal thoughts, emotions, and states of awareness.

Energy control is the basic ability to guide etheric energy. In the context of natural talent, etheric perception refers to a general awareness of the subtle aspect of existence, surrounding etheric phenomena, and a tendency towards precognition. Natural talent is not present if these predilections do not exist or if the student is incapable of mastering the Preliminary Techniques. Through training and development of the etheric self, the magus attains the Magickal Requisites of power, perception and control.

For example, malign emotions such as anger and hate tend to exert a destructive, discordant effect upon etheric reality. Benign emotions exert a supportive, harmonious effect upon reality at the etheric level. Energy Large amounts of raw etheric energy affect etheric phenomena primarily via blunt force; the more powerful the energy, the greater its ability to affect etheric reality. Such raw energy is used to power magickal acts and directly affect reality at the etheric level. ETHERIC MECHANISMS There are certain fundamental mechanisms of etheric reality that underlie many magickal processes.

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