Artaxerxes III Ochus and his reign by Noah Calvin Hirschy

By Noah Calvin Hirschy

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Further confusing the issue is the fact that horizontal gene transfer often leads to multiple paralogs in the same genomes. Although these paralogs might not be functionally redundant, it is very likely that they could complement each other when one is deleted. The concept of pathogenesis becomes even more complicated as we take the host into consideration. Five years ago, the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM) convened a colloquium to discuss the application of genomics to the development of a comprehensive understanding of pathogenesis [16].

Org TechYou Researchers' Home Subsystem coverage Subsystem category distribution Subsystem feature counts Cofactors, vitamins, prosthetic groups, pigments (127) Cell wall and capsule (99) Potassium metabolism (17) Photosynthesis (0) Miscellaneous (8) Membrane transport (55) RNA metabolism (60) Nucleosides and nucleotides (45) Protein metabolism (268) Cell division and cell cycle (51) Motility and chemotaxis (3) Secondary metabolism (0) Regulation and cell signaling (37) Catabolism of an unknown compound (0) DNA metabolism (84) Macromolecular synthesis (0) Virulence (30) Nitrogen metabolism (19) Dormancy and sporulation (1) Respiration (77) Stress response (48) Metabolism of aromatic compounds (3) Amino acids and derivatives (179) Sulfur metabolism (4) Fatty acids and lipids (32) Phosphorus metabolism (23) Carbohydrates (181) 62% 38% e e r ef Fig.

The SEED-viewer environment developed for RAST became the template for a new, menu-driven, intuitive user-interface for NMPDR. e e r ef e g ed Kn b t s mu l w o Value Added by Curated Subsystems FIGfams P1K resulted in a growing collection of more than 500 functional subsystems from which FIGfams are computed. There are two types of FIGfams. The original concept of a FIGfam is a protein family extracted from a column of a populated subsystem, which represents an expert assertion of function. An extension of that concept resulted in a set of FIGfams that are computed from the combination of shared sequence homology and genomic context.

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