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The Know-It-All's Guide to Life: How to Climb Mount Everest, Cure Hiccups, Live to 100, and Dozens of Other Practical, Unusual, or Just Plain Fantastical Things

With wit and brevity this booklet comprises helpful suggestion on own finance, future health, activities, shuttle, vehicles, careers, and nutrients. for instance, in precisely six pages you are going to how one can negotiate with a contractor. contemplate the various different evidence dropped at mild within the Know-it-all's advisor to existence: o consuming chocolate prior to bedtime can disrupt your sleep.

The Blair Witch Project

Few motion pictures have had the effect and influence of The Blair Witch venture (1999). Its arrival used to be a horror cinema palette purifier after a decade of serial killers and postmodern intertextuality, a naked bones 'found pictures' development setter. during this Devil's recommend, Peter Turner tells the tale of the movie from his belief and creation then presents a distinct research of the ideas used, their attract audiences and the topics that helped make the movie such a global hit, together with the pionerring online marketing.

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That's the kind of fast-tracking or exclusionary learning, which we used to think only human beings and the talking apes—the ones taught language—could use," Coren says. '" --Originally published: Scientific American Online June 10, 2009. Squid Can Fly by Ferris Jabr Marine biologist Silvia Maciá was boating on the north coast of Jamaica in the summer of 2001 when she noticed something soar out of the sea. At first she thought it was a member of the flying fish family—a group of marine fish that escape predators by breaking the water's surface at great speed and gliding through the air on unusually large pectoral fins.

But that's both sexes and just seems to be a property of the yellow pigments. So this is different. " Whether that badge acts as an aphrodisiac or merely a prerequisite identifier remains unclear. "I don't know how you distinguish between the two. Because if they identify [another spider] as the wrong species, this is obviously not going to be very aphrodisiacal," Land explains. " Even if the presence of UV had no effect on C. umbratica courtship, and even if the spiders were unified in their UV-induced signaling—that is, if both sexes reflected UV or both fluoresced green under UV—the species would still be in elite company: "Ultraviolet reflectance is not particularly common in animals," says Thomas Cronin, a vision researcher and professor of biological sciences at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Decapitating roaches deprives their bodies of hormones from glands in their heads that control maturation, helping researchers investigate metamorphosis and reproduction. And studies of bodiless roach heads shed light on how their neurons work. Plus, it provides just one more testament to the cockroach's enviable endurance. --Originally published: Scientific American Online March 15, 2007. UV Light Puts Spiders "in the Mood" by John Matson Ultraviolet (UV) light—the band of electromagnetic radiation nestled between visible light and x-rays—seems to cast a particularly amorous glow on the animal world.

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