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275 CCLXXV, 159–173. Johnson, A. L. 2002. “Cross-Cultural Analysis of Pastoral Adaptations: A Preliminary Study”. Cross-Cultural Research 36, 151–180. Khazanov, A. M. 1994. Nomads and the Outside World. Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press. Lees, S. H. and D. G. Bates. 1974. “The Origins of Specialized Nomadic Pastoralism: A Systemic Model”. American Antiquity 39, 187–193. Levy, T. E. 1983. “The Emergence of Specialized Pastoralism in the Southern Levant”. World Archaeology 15, 15–36. Marshall, F.

1277a 24. 55 D. , University of Cincinnati 1939), 38. 56 Ducat, Pénestes, 56; Sprawski, Jason of Pherae, 33. 48 I. Jordović, Critias and Democracy 45 A most recent hypothesis, put forward by B. 58 The fact that personal names were seldom used as nicknames in ancient Greece may be an argument against the assumption that Prometheus was a nickname. 59 Moreover, how come that the sources say nothing about a Thessalian whose nickname is purportedly commonly known in Athens. Another noteworthy fact is that not a single ancient source directly associates Prometheus with Jason, Lycophron and Polydamus.

22 An archaeological survey conducted in 2006 discovered remains of the Roman road Naissus–Ratiaria sporadically cut into the slope between the villages Niševac and Varoš in the Timok river gorge, Petrović and Filipović 2008, 34–35. 23 The coins suggest the continuous use of this area until the 17th century. The area probably was a salient strategic point for controlling the road. 15 16 V. P. Petrović, V. Filipović,�������������� ������������� Locating the Timacum Maius Station 55 Eastern part of the foundation wall of the structure with embedded ceramic tubuli 56 Balcanica XXXIX of Svrljig Fort.

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