Biology and Management of Multiple Myeloma (Current Clinical by James R. Berenson

By James R. Berenson

Professional physicians and scientific researchers summarize and clarify the entire contemporary advances within the biology and therapy of bone marrow-based malignancy. at the organic part, the authors convey the features of the malignant mobilephone and describe the numerous roles performed via oncogenic adjustments, chromosomal anomalies, Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus, and cytokines. New epidemiological findings and prognostic components also are analyzed. at the scientific part, the authors offer a complete evaluate of traditional remedy regimens, in addition to a dialogue of more recent experimental ways regarding immunologic concentrating on, inhibitors of drug resistance, and antitumor brokers.

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26 Durie information, it will be impossible to move forward with molecular epidemiology to identify specific factors that are causally linked to myeloma. The residential, occupational, recreational, and stress factors identified also vary from patient to patient. The potential complexity at the level of the individual patient is astounding. How can one assess an individual with a complex family and exposure history? Consider, for example, a patient who experienced all of the following prior to the onset of MM: a well-documented family history of hematologic cancer; lived in a farming community where pesticide spraying was common; regular use of black hair dye; infectious mononucleosis as child and hepatitis C as an adult; experienced a broken leg in a skiing accident that required the insertion of a pin; psychological stress when a child died tragically in an automobile accident.

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