Bitch, Issue 57 (Winter 2013)

Internet trolls, metalheads, dads long gone wild! Plus: Hipster chickens!

Letter from the HQ

Letters & Comments

Love It/Shove It

military Steals: The military's new curiosity in STEM education
kin perform: A Q&A with Victoria legislation and China Martens

The whinge List

||| On Stereotypes—Carrying the load of being strong

||| at the Wall—A rediscovered artist takes on gender and space

||| at the Page—Comics artist Gabrielle Bell dishes approximately her new picture novel

::: Co-opting the Coop: What's the true price of homesteading's new hipness?

::: video game Changer—Why gaming tradition permits abuse...and how we will be able to cease it

::: domestic Run—How neoliberalism took over home-makeover shows

::: part the Story—When will Western documentaries become aware of they're utilizing the incorrect lens?

::: The Audacity of Home—POOR Magazine's new paradigm of place

\\\ touring Lite—Why women's go back and forth memoirs get offered short

\\\ Canadian Gothic—Jen and Sylvia Soska's scary-fast ascent

\\\ Hardcore Persona—An excerpt from What Are You Doing the following? A Black Woman's lifestyles and Liberation in Heavy Metal
The again Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Louise A. Boyd through Meags Fitzgerald

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Frequently in comparison to James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, Young's novel resonates with specified and poignant observations of yank tradition, in an epic and surrealist poetic prose. It took the under-recognized, enigmatic and iconoclastic writer eighteen years of labor to accomplish this dense, quantity novel.

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Virginie Despentes is the author and co-director of Baise-Moi, the arguable rape-revenge novel that grew to become the foundation for a movie through an analogous identify. Born in Paris, she now lives in Barcelona.

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Shedding this illusion is essential if we’re to enforce standards of respectability in game culture and ensure we can all have fun equally, without fear of harassment, stalking, or threats. But it’s worth repeating: Anonymity is not the problem. ” This conventional wisdom, shared by countless people across the political spectrum, is a red herring. The real issue is a lack of accountability, fostered by the idea that what happens online does not have “real world” consequences. ” But one’s avatar or screen name can be a vehicle of accountability as surely as any other.

And you expect to be taken seriously when you’re ‘critiqueing’ video games? Fucking ovendodger. Like water through a bursting dam, the deluge came first in pinprick spouts and then rushed through in a pitiless torrent. E-mails, tweets, and YouTube comments attacked feminist videoblogger Anita Sarkeesian for proposing this past May to make a documentary about sexism in video games and crowdfund it through Kickstarter. In addition to comments like the misogynistic, anti-Semitic gem above, sexually violent images of her were mass-produced and circulated among male gamers and offensive, explicit edits were made to her Wikipedia page.

What makes reality tv such an ideal venue for disseminating the agenda of neoliberalism is that it revolves around everyday citizens who are both willing to be reshaped under the guise of self-improvement, and equally willing to have every second of the lives surveyed, taped, and broadcast to millions of viewers. Even better, the citizens highlighted on these shows are almost always apolitical; rather than questioning the policies and priorities of their government that affect their lives, they seek private solutions to issues—finding homes for those without, covering medical bills for the uninsured, and providing books to schools without enough resources for students—that once were considered to be in the public realm.

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