Bite Club: The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

By Rachel Caine

Manhattan instances bestselling writer Rachel Caine is "a firstclass storyteller" (#1 big apple occasions bestselling writer Charlaine Harris). After studying that vampires populate her city, collage scholar Claire Danvers is aware that the undead simply are looking to reside their lives. yet another individual wishes them to prepare to rumble. there is a new severe recreation getting picked up on the net: bare—knuckle fights pitting captured vampires opposed to each one other—or people. monitoring the distant sign leads Claire—accompanied via her pals and frenemies—to detect that what began as an internet brawl will quickly threaten everybody in Morganville...

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No,” she said. Her voice sounded small and fragile and very far away. “He’s dead. ” Eve and Michael exchanged worried looks. Michael shook his head. “I’ll get hold of Richard and Hannah,” he said. “This needs to be handled quietly. ” And right on cue, the thundering music from the top floor of the dorm cut out, and from an open window came the sound of a girl’s scream, long and loud, with razor-edged horror in it. That was the scream Claire hadn’t voiced, the one that still bubbled inside her.

A surprise, Claire Bear. Yeah, that might definitely be some fun. ” A cute, tiny frown line slowly appeared between her eyebrows. “You okay? ” “Respect the awesome look, girlfriend. Okay, if you don’t want to talk, don’t. One mocha, coming up! Sit down; I’ll bring it over. ” It wasn’t just slow; this hour of the day, it was deserted. Claire left Eve to the espresso construction (something Eve was amazingly good at, actually) and flipped open her laptop. It took her exactly seven minutes to hack into Larkin’s class roster and discover that Stinky Doug’s full name was Doug Legrande.

I didn’t say that the locks couldn’t be picked. But actually my good buddy Edie never locks hers, anyway. ” In the end, they left Michael’s guitar, Claire’s backpack (with laptop), and pretty much everything else behind, as Eve set up the lunch break sign on the counter and locked up the register. In a surprisingly short time, they were headed out again. Michael had brought a leather hat, which looked kind of sloppy-cool and shaded his face and neck. He kept his hands in his pockets. “You’re not as sensitive anymore,” Claire said.

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