Blood Roses by Francesca Lia Block

By Francesca Lia Block

What lets do, we all?

we all passionate ladies who worry crushing the men we adore with our mouths like caverns of tooth, our mushrooming brains, our watermelon hearts?

what is genuine is what is imagined in 9 stories of transformation by means of Francesca Lia Block.

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She wondered if he ever kissed her again, would that break the spell or make it worse? And, of course, he would never kiss her again, now. Even if Berry Rodriguez was not an obstacle (at least in Rachel Sorrow’s mind). He would never paint her, he would never do a social studies project with her and he would never kiss her. She was revolting. She was much, much too much. ” Rachel Sorrow knew she was too much. She had way too many feelings. For instance, she was already in love with John Mandolin, just based on the fact that he had painterly talents, bicyclist’s legs, the lips and heavy-lidded eyes of a Byzantine angel, and compassion for teenagers who contemplated suicide.

Did they go into medicine? Sports? The arts? Are they still married or divorced? How pretty are their daughters? How self-contained? When Rachel Sorrow grew huge, did her mother bring her supper on a tray like Max’s mother in Where the Wild Things Are? Did Rachel Sorrow cry so many tears thinking of all these things, as well as of her great-grandmother’s death in the Holocaust, that she drowned herself when she shrank to normal size, not unlike Alice in Wonderland? Did she shrink to normal size?

Did he say, “You are too much, way, way, too much, go away, too intense, you feel more intensely about me than I will ever feel about you”? Or did he find a 30 Giant beautiful, sensitive woman his own size, someone who had learned to manage her emotions appropriately? What happened to Berry, Sasha and Elodie? Are they still friends? Were they one another’s bridesmaids? In pastel dresses or black dresses? Did they go into medicine? Sports? The arts? Are they still married or divorced? How pretty are their daughters?

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