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Encyclopedia of Sediments & Sedimentary Rocks

This complete, one-volume encyclopedia covers the sedimentological facets of sediments and sedimentary rocks. It positive factors greater than 250 entries by way of a few one hundred eighty eminent participants from around the globe, first-class indices, move references, and huge bibliographies.

Geological hazards: their assessment, avoidance, and mitigation

This e-book is an advent to risks and man-made dangers that have implications for engineering geology. It examines dangers reminiscent of seismic results, volcanoes and floods, and with subsidence, waste disposal and flooring water pollutants. Geological dangers is a vital publication for pro engineers in civil, geological and making plans components all over the world.

Submarine massflow sedimentation: computer modelling and basin-fill stratigraphy

Turbidite sandstone successions are universal components of the stratigraphic content material of sedimentary basins, and are very important hydrocarbon reservoirs in lots of elements of the realm. This publication addresses the real factor of mass-flow sedimentation modelling within the framework of basin-fill dynamics and series stratigraphy.

Fractal and chaotic properties of earthquakes

This publication offers with the appliance of fractal and nonlinear time-series research to seismicity and earthquakes in the framework of earthquake prediction examine. Emphasis is on theoretical foundations in addition to useful implementation and pitfalls to let readers to behavior their very own analyses.

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N. BOUSIAS ET AL. 1. Introduction Columns are normally the weak links in existing concrete buildings in seismic regions, especially if vertical bars are insufficiently lap-spliced at floor level. To extend the life of these buildings, such column deficiencies should normally be corrected. This paper describes test results on columns with or without lap splices, retrofitted via either wrapping of the plastic hinge region with CFRP sheets, or concrete jacketing of the entire column. Test results supplement those of other experimental campaigns in the literature, in order to develop simple rules and analytical tools for calculation of the effect of concrete or FRP jackets on: (a) yield strength, (b) yield deflection and the associated secant-to-yielding stiffness; and (c) ultimate deflection in cyclic loading, in columns with or without lap splicing at the base.

The test results in Table 1 for R-type columns show that in FRP-retrofitted columns with straight ribbed bars, five CFRP layers are more effective than two layers; nonetheless, the improvement in effectiveness is not commensurate to the number of FRP layers. Test results also suggest that there is a limit to the improvement due to FRP wrapping: if the lapping of straight ribbed bars is as short as 15 bar-diameters, its adverse effects on force capacity and energy dissipation cannot be fully removed by FRP wrapping.

I say it is not techne but money that will save the City. Ali Ihsan Bey, a banker and one of my customers, proposed a much simpler and not so expensive solution. If you start making technical judgments about which building should stay and which buildings should not stay, our lawyers will trip you up in almost all cases. Any action to raze and rebuild may take years. Ali Ihsan Bey has a workable plan. First, the engineers identify the vulnerable buildings. This does not result in a great deal of hassle because the owners are given the option to rebuild or not to rebuild.

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