Cap'n Jethro by Lee Reynoldson

By Lee Reynoldson

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When he mentioned Jethro, Grimm’s men whispered the name amongst themselves. “He must be here for his treasure,” one of them said — a feral fellow in a grease-stained sailors smock. Grimm looked at him with disdain. “Oh you’re a sharp one, Shagnasty. ” He scratched his chin. ” Jacky Boy was slim, neatly turned out, handsome. But there was a sparkle in his eyes that made goosebumps dance across Piss-Pike’s flesh. ” Jacky Boy said. Grimm’s third man, square-jawed, muscle-bound, crook-nosed, shook his head.

It fell into his palm with a satisfying thump and a musical jingle. “Here,” he said, and threw it to Fat Thomas. The purse arced through the air. Both oarsmen watched it fly. Fat Thomas grabbed for it. It was all the time Jethro needed. He reached his right hand through a hole in his pocket and grasped the French naval blunderbuss pistol that hung from a rope round his shoulder. He swung the gun up. No time to clear the greatcoat. He fired through it. The pistol thundered and belched foul smoke.

Piss-Pike shivered. “Never mind, never mind,” Grimm said and fixed his singular gaze on Piss-Pike. He pulled his dagger from the table and put it in his belt. ” He threw Piss-Pike his third coin of the day. A copper penny. Piss-Pike didn’t care. He’d sold his news for all it was worth and more. So he headed for Sharkey’s and thought of nothing more than the simple pleasures of good food. * * * * * Grimm knew exactly what to do. “Listen up lads! Zachariah, follow the boy see if he’s blabbed to anyone else then end him.

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