Captive of Desire (Harlequin Superromance No. 13) by Alexandra Sellers

By Alexandra Sellers

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He queried softly. Page 35 Create PDF with GO2PDF for free, if you wish to remove this line, click here to buy Virtual PDF Printer Captive of Desire "John, they won't do that. They won't give me an exclusive.... " He sounded as though he were battling to keep incredulity out of his voice. " He spoke each word separately, small measured pauses between, as though he thought one of them might have trouble understanding. Laddy nodded. He was right; it sounded absolutely incredible. She should never have embarked on this explanation.

Well, if you stay here long, we'll have you de-programmed in no time. " Laddy regarded her quizzically. "You sound as though you're speaking from experience," she said. Brigit, who was a dark, almost gypsy-looking woman in her early twenties, put her hands on her hips and shook her head. "Three years I spent in London," she said, as though she ought to have known better. "No one could stop me, you see. " Laddy prompted, rather fascinated by this recital. She laughed. "And the city was big and sophisticated, but it was also noisy and dirty, and no one said hello to their neighbors.

She said suddenly, fiercely, the cry coming out against her will. He turned his head and she felt his gaze rest on her. "You will have to say it," he said with weary acceptance. " she burst out. " Her body was rigid against the doorpost, and she kept her gaze fixed in the direction of Trefelin, but she was not seeing a small, peaceful village at night. Her brain burned with what she saw. "I looked at that boy tonight," she said, "but do you know what I saw? " Her voice was cracking with emotion that was almost impossible to control.

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