Carlson Wade's New Fact Book on Bee Pollen and Your Health by Carlson. Wade

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61 Chapter 7 Heal Your Allergies with Bee Pollen. Asthma, hay fever, dust sensitivity, colds and related allergies, can be soothed and healed with bee pollen, a natural way to build resistance to allergies and end respiratory distress. 67 Chapter 8 Correct Prostate Disorders with Bee Pollen. Doctors report that this bee food is able to correct prostate disorders. Basic introduction to this male gland problem, and the use of pollen in overcoming it. 75 Chapter 9 Look Younger With Bee Pollen. How bee pollen improves the health of skin, removes blemishes, wrinkles, etc.

Dr. ) He feels bee pollen does provide energy and vigor for athletes. He also uses bee pollen as a poultice to reduce swelling of the limbs that frequently occurs among athletes. He dissolves pollen pellets in warm tap water until they form an infusion. He dips a towel in the mixture and applies it to the injured region. Dr. Turner says, "I've seen swelling go down a half inch in twenty minutes because of this pollen poultice. " A Long Island University gymnast, Brigitte Bouchereau, underwent cartilage surgery on her knees.

By R. Llopis Paret. 114 Page 1 Introduction As a food, bee pollen may well be considered older than mankind. Bees reportedly buzzed over our planet long before humans walked in the woods and forests. The foods made by bees in the form of honey and pollen have long sustained animals and people. These foods can provide complete nourishment to maintain life for an extended period of time, even without the ordinary forms of essential nutrients. In the past decade, science has discovered that bee pollenthe male sperm cells of flowering plantscontains a miracle concentration of nearly all the known nutrients.

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