Changeling by Cate Tiernan

By Cate Tiernan

While Morgan gets a surprising revelation approximately her relations, she's thrown right into a ethical tailspin, believing that her crucial nature is evil. Is her darkish history too robust to beat?

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During our New York trip Robbie had come down on me about my casual misuse of magick. We had made up, bun things weren’t totally normal yet. ” My nod included everyone. I popped the top on the Diet Coke I’d bought on my way to school and took a deep slurp. Act casual. ” Bree asked with a smile. “Fine. My folks went on a cruise, so I’ve got the place to myself,” I explained to the others. For an instant I thought of Hunter saying, “Let’s go in,” and my heart contracted.

I need to know if I’m good or bad, I added to myself. I need to know who my father is, what my heritage is. I need to know that I can choose good. If I don’t know these things, we can never be together. “I don’t want you to get hurt,” he said, his voice sounding frayed. ” “I’m not trying to save the world,” I said. “Just my little part of it. I mean, today it’s Starlocket---and Alyce, remember? Tomorrow it’s us. ” Hunter looked around, thinking, deciding on another plan of approach. He was well acquainted with how stubborn I could be, and I could see him weighing his chances of getting through and changing my mind.

Please send me your earliest council, for I am most distraught. ---Brother Sinestus Tor, March 1768. To my surprise, Eoife McNabb didn't jump up and down in joy at my announcement. She looked very solemn and then nodded slowly. " I released a deep breath and tried to relax. " "Well, you'll need to go to New York at once," she said. "What? " I shook my head. " Eoife blinked once, and we looked at each other. Realizing the ridiculousness of my situation, I began to laugh nervously. After a moment of surprise, Eoife smiled.

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