Channel flow, ductile extrusion and exhumation in by Richard D. Law

By Richard D. Law

This selection of 27 evaluate and study papers presents an summary of the geodynamic innovations of channel movement and ductile extrusion in continental collision zones. the focus for this quantity is the concept that the center or decrease crust acts as a ductile, partly molten channel flowing out from underneath parts of over-thickened crust, equivalent to the Tibetan plateau, in the direction of the topographic floor at plateau margins. This arguable idea explains many positive aspects regarding the geodynamic evolution of the plateau and, for instance, extrusion and exhumation of the crystalline center of the Himalayan mountain chain to the south. during this quantity thermal-mechanical versions for channel movement, extrusion and exhumation are awarded, and geological and geophysical proof either for and opposed to the applicability of such versions to the Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau process, in addition to older continental collision zones reminiscent of the Hellenides, the Appalachians and the Canadian Cordillera, are mentioned.

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1996, 2002; Davidson et al. 1997; Daniel et al. 2003; Harris et al. 2004) shows that high-temperature metamorphism and anatexis were an integral part of the exhumation process of the GHS (Godin et al. 2006; Hollister & Grujic 2006). Two closely related terms, ductile extrusion and channel flow, are used in the literature in regard to tectonics of a weak crustal layer. Kinematic models for both are based on the concept of a pair of coeval subparallel dip-slip shear zones with opposite senses of shear bounding a crustal layer with significantly lower strength or viscosity than the bounding layers.

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