Chocolate Cupcakes and Mythical Creatures by DeShaun Walker

By DeShaun Walker

It’s Charlie Foster’s first time clear of domestic, and he’s a ways from Texas on the all-boys boarding college for legendary creatures in England. fortunately he’s beautiful sturdy at making pals, one akin to the brooding and closeted Caleb Jacobs—and although they're approximately polar opposites, they develop into inseparable quickly after assembly. Even Charlie’s short fling with a definite werewolf classmate doesn’t force a wedge among the pair. yet is that simply because Caleb sees anything that Charlie doesn’t?

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S direction. Huh? s kinda obvious. s a vampire. They drink blood?? Not that, you retard!? he snapped. t fucking!? Well…. re not….? His eyes flashed, and I could tell that he was holding back a shizload of his anger. Yes, you are! I fucking heard you two were a thing now! t fucking lie to me, you stupid little bitch.? As I seemed to be doing a lot lately, I blinked at him stupidly and slowly turned to face Caleb, who was glaring at Tanner, eyes a blazing red. t paying attention. Um?? You know what, Tanner??

What? s not fair….? Even as I said this, I slipped the glasses off and onto his face. Admittedly, he looked cuter in them. The nerve. T think I really thought this through…. t want to see it. I wanted to make my own. With Caleb. Now. Peacock? running through my head. I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock. Your Peacock-cock. s dick. t before, I just wanted to see it again. So… Caleb.? I looked away from the two guys making out on screen. Hmm?? Caleb tore his eyes away from the screen, glancing at me.

T really dawn on me that I was making out with a complete stranger until? Charlie! I leave you for ten minutes, and this is what happens?? Caleb all but shouted, prying me and Tegan apart. I panted softly, blinking at him slowly. Wha?? Caleb glared, plopping down on the other side of the booth angrily. Boyfriend, remember?? I pulled slightly away from Tegan. Shut up, Caleb.? Caleb threw his hands up exasperatedly. I for one just thought he looked like a loon. Why the hell do I even bother trying to help you?

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