Claimed By Shadow (Cassandra Palmer Series, Book 2) by Karen Chance

By Karen Chance

Clairvoyant Cassie Plamer has inherited new magical powers-including the facility to go back and forth via time. yet it is a good deal of accountability she'd fairly now not have. Now she's the most well-liked woman on the town, as an collection of vamps, fey, and mages try and persuade, strength, or seduce her-and her magic-over to their part. yet one specific grasp vampire did not ask what Cassie sought after earlier than placing a declare on her. He had a spell forged that binds her to him, and now she does not be aware of if what she feels for him is real-or imagined...

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Only one feature didn't fit that picture: his mouth was not the thin-lipped aristocratic version, but had the full, beautifully sculpted lips of a sensualist. Maybe there had been more peasant stock in the gene pool than the family would admit, people who might not have had the airs and graces of their lords, but who knew how to laugh and dance and drink with a passion the aristocrats had forgotten. Dracula was supposed to have been the one born of a fiery gypsy girl, but I'd sometimes wondered whether the old rumors had gotten things mixed up, and instead it was Mircea who had Romany blood.

After a noticeable pause Mircea released me, the invisible energy stretching between us like strings of taffy as his hand slid away. He allowed his companion to lead him down the corridor, but he looked back at me in puzzlement several times. The energy arced between us but didn't break, as if there was an invisible cord spanning the distance, tying us together. Then they disappeared into a small curtained archway to what I vaguely recognized as a theatre box. As soon as the red velvet curtains swooshed shut behind them, cutting off my view, the connection between us snapped.

He just stood there, looking bemused, but the hand on my arm began pulling me gently towards him. I went willingly, lost in admiration for the way the gas light gleamed in his hair, and a thrumming energy suddenly ran up my arm. It hit my shoulder, then dove back down to jump from my fingertips like electricity. Mircea jerked slightly as the sensation hit him, but he did not let go. The feeling echoed back and forth, holding the two of us in a loop of sensation that made the hairs on my arm stand up and my body tighten.

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