Close Contact   by Rebecca Airies

By Rebecca Airies

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She was careful to stay close to Evan, as close as she safely could. The blond man didn’t pay any attention to Evan and Evan seemed equally unaware of him. She saw Evan still grappling with two of the men from the corner of her eyes. Grimacing, she hoped he would finish with them soon. The other attacker was sprawled on the lawn, seemingly unconscious. The man came at her slowly this time. She clenched her hands into tight fists. She wasn’t going to have a chance to throw him again. She had no idea what he was going to try to do.

Danielle smiled and her long lashes fluttered. He accessed the first of the files on the computer. The report seemed straightforward and not that important. A young wizard had been using his magic in public. He probably wouldn’t have drawn the Protectorate’s interest if he hadn’t injured someone doing it. Witches and wizards tended to keep a low profile. Their powers tended to make some people more nervous than the existence of werewolves and vampires did. “Tell me about this person,” Evan urged, showing the file to Geneva.

31 Rebecca Airies She must have rolled and with him at the window they were too far apart. He didn’t hesitate. Moving back over to her, he gently woke her. She frowned and her hand still rested on her stomach. ” she asked. He put his fingers to her lips and drew her from bed. Keeping to the side of the window, he looked out again, but couldn’t see any sign of the shadowy figure. Not taking any chances, he tugged Geneva after him as he checked the house. Every window at the front of the house had been broken.

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