Collected Works, Vol. 22: Marx and Engels: 1870-1871 by Frederick Engels Karl Marx

By Frederick Engels Karl Marx

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The attack was made by the 1 4th di\risi�:)J supported by our old friends, the 40th regiment-in all battalions. ,�; brought up successively. m(�nt took part in the fight-all in all, either twenty-four or twe seven battalions of Germans. , reached the field of battle, fell. u Forbach, and turned an orderly retreat into a rout by the direct road to Metz. The Germans at the close of the another division (the 6th) ready to engage, and, indeed, sh'2:ht:l, engaged ; but at the same time two French divisions, Montalildon '� and Castagny's (both of Bazaine 's), had come up, and the regiment, which forms part of the latter, had suffered op" pTpl" Thus, if at Wissembourg and Woerth the French were crushed superior masses, they were beaten by inferior numbers Spicheren .

O. tnce " , Le Trmps, L'empereur a l'impera • d � \ 7 49 :� a " H en ry, Aug. 1 5", The Times, No. - Ed. 50 Frederick Engels perhaps even in Paris, and make the retreat to Chalons. look humiliating. This view explains that apparently simple, but in reality "h""T'n bulletin from Metz. Every word of that bulletin is correct in certain sense, while the whole context at the first glance calculated to evoke a totally false im pression . This view explains how both parties could claim the victory. The Prlll""i""lO d rove back the French till under the shelter of their forts, having advanced too close to these forts had to retire in their So much for the celebrated "battle before M etz," which might well not have been fought at all, for its influence upon the of the campaign will be zero.

A capable III , 38 39 a n side it was quite different. The military qualities On t h e G erm . certamly nOt underrated The concentration of were c h n re F . of th e : ops took place rapIdly but cautIously . g turn �d up at Saarbriicken in Prince Frederick Corps A rm y y , It IS certam that every man, horse, and gun of the arm s's arle Ch b 5 5 0 ,00 0 troops of the line has been brought to the front, there to be jo ine d by the So � th . Germans . And the effect of such an enormous n u m eric al su perIorIty has been, so far, increased by superior i ge ne rals h p .

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