Comparative Chukotko-Kamchatkan Dictionary by Michael Fortescue

By Michael Fortescue

This quantity is the 1st complete comparative dictionary to hide the total of the Chukotko-Kamchatkan ('Paleosiberian') kinfolk. Reconstructions for either the proto-Chukotian and Proto-Chukokto-Kamchatkan degrees are arrange. Separate sections on inflections and derivational affixes and an summary of what's recognized of the (pre-)historical heritage are incorporated. The genealogical prestige of this kinfolk has lengthy been arguable, yet its coherence as a kinfolk can now be regarded as confirmed. Its geographical place among Siberia and northernmost the United States offers it with specific value as regards makes an attempt to narrate the languages and peoples of the outdated international with these of the New.

This dictionary is aimed toward students andstudents of linguistic typology and old linguistics usually in addition to to a smaller viewers of experts within the box of Paleosiberian language reviews. The dictionary makes the typologically attention-grabbing Paleosiberian language teams extra obtainable to linguistic researchers who don't learn Russian.

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Anyat 'festival', anya-tku- 'celebrate'] I [Rad. - in Geo. & Vol. 1999:114; Rad. has Ε enic, pi. egisizud 'song'; Klap. has W angesonnim 'sing'] P C K aerjaer 'star' C: agatlagan 'star' [Bog. has eger; note unp-eger 'Pole Star' from impan 'pole, stake', which Bog. relates to ut(ta) and rap- under ap- - he also has alqep-eijer ('nail star') from Ralqaep and iluk-eger ('immovable star') from ilu- for the same star] K: Kam. agaj, Par. egej 'star' [and alqap-agaj 'polar (= pole) star' (and Bog. has Paren ackap-agaj)] A: agar, Pal.

Cigkecig 'saliva', cigke-ture- 'spit'] K: cigkacig 'saliva' [and Zuk. has iccin'-cava- 'spit' - Kur. et al. have iccigtava-] A [itkan-sava- 'spit' - contam. ; for sigqasin 'milt' see laqlu] I [note Sed. i+xun 'saliva' in Ono - Joch, ilxin 'saliva'; Kur. et al. have Sed. ] P C cigvitqa- 'annoy' [cf. ] C: Khat. cigwitqa- 'annoy' K: cigvitku lag- 'annoy', cigvitkat- 'be out of sorts' [Moll; Mur. has cigvitq' annoy'] A: sigvitq(e)- 'annoy' [Nag. has sigvitqi- 'make a noise, be annoyed by noise'] I [Vol.

Has W adömplis, Uka addamahl ' s u m m e r ' ; there may be entanglement with maslmasl under mael- in the W forms] P C aelaejvir(i) 'chip or shaving' [or sel®jviö(i); cf. ] C: elejwir(i), SE elewrir 'chip, shaving' K: elejvsj 'chip, shaving' [Moll] 32 PC and PCK stems PC aelaejti- 'not know how to do' [cf. ' [n-elejta-qin 'not (very) clever'; and Zuk. has n-elejti-Rev 'awkwardly'] A: Pal. eleytan 'lack of ability' [and Kib. et al. have Al. n-aloti-qin 'inexpert, ignorant', and Nag. aloti- 'not be able'] PC aelkdl- 'recognize' [cf.

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