Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French on Your Own by Gail Stein

By Gail Stein

Idiot-proof and unique steps for studying French speedy. effortless equipment for studying idioms and slang phrases utilized by local audio system. beneficial cultural information for tourists and others.

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Monique Le Pont 4. Alain Lechat 12. Dominique Lafontaine 5. Agnès Leloup 13. Daniel La Tour 6. Roland Lamouche 14. Jean Levache 7. Patrick Leboeuf 15. Jeanne Larivière 8. Solange Laforêt 16. Hubert La Fleur The Least You Need to Know • Perfect your pronunciation by losing your inhibitions and by reading aloud French newspapers, magazines, and literature. • It's best to allow yourself to slip and slide the sounds together while speaking the language. • If your accent is poor, you'll still be understood.

My name may not be Dave, but here are my top ten reasons why you need to study French: 10. You love Colette's romance novels. 9. You'd like to root for the Montréal Canadiens in French. 8. You loved Les Misérables so much that you decided to read the original version in its entirety—all 600 plus pages. 7. You want to avoid ordering francs with mustard and sauerkraut. 6. You never know when you're going to run into Catherine Deneuve. Page 4 5. You want to impress your date at a French restaurant.

1 Perfect Cognates Adjectives Nouns Le La L' blond blohN ballet bah-leh blouse blooz accident ahk-see-dahN capable kah-pahbl bureau bew-ro boutique boo-teek accord ah-kohr certain sehr-taN chef shehf date daht ambulance ahN-bew-lahNs content kohN-tahN client klee-yahN dispute dees-pewt animal ah-nee-mahl grave grahv guide geed note noht olive oh-leev horrible oh-reebl hamburger ahm-bewr-gehr permission pehr-mee-syohN omelette ohm-leht immense ee-mahNs journal zhoor-nahl photo foh-to orange oh-rahnzh orange oh-rahnzh sandwich sahNd-weesh route root permanent pehr-mah-nahN service sehr-vees signification see-nyee-fee-kah-syohN possible poh-seebl soda soh-dah table tahbl The rules governing the agreement of adjectives with the nouns they modify will be discussed in detail in Chapter 9.

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