Compressed Earth Blocks. Manual of Design and Construction by Guillaud H., Joffroy T., Odul P.

By Guillaud H., Joffroy T., Odul P.

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Fig. 98: Make sure the lintel is the correct size for wide openings. Fig. 99: Make sure the pier between two adjoining openings is the correct size. Fig. 100: Avoid too many openings in any one wall. GOOD DESIGN Vulnerability to humidity at openings Structural weakness, most often marked by cracking, leaves the way open for the erosion of openings as a result of vulnerability to humidity. This vulnerability near the frames of openings occurs as a result of the "drop of water system" which refers to the combined effect of water streaming, splashing-back or stagnating.

It contributes to the appearance of the project, by highlighting the attractiveness of the material in the masonry of a visible compressed earth block wall. Precise modulation, thanks to coursing, underlies the aesthetic effect of all masonry using small elements which results from the appearance of rythmic sequences in the visible wall. COURSING, BONDING PATTERNS, MODULATION AND DIMENSIONING Fig. 65: Rules for quantifying straight, "L" and "U" shaped walls. 37 Fig. 66: Table of dimensions of straight, "L" and "U" shaped walls.

Fig. 116: Special blocks for reinforced masonry and ring-beams. 117;118) Fig. 117: Masonry using special blocks and reinforced with wood. Fig. 118: Reinforced masonry using bamboo with special square blocks. The main role of reinforcement is to bond the walls together, notably to absorb horizontal loads, as vertical loads are absorbed by the foundations. This bonding effect can be ensured only if the reinforcement is perfectly connected to the wall and if it is perfectly rigid and impossible to deform, particularly to ensure good tensile strength.

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