Cryospheric Systems: Glaciers And Permafrost (Geological by C. Harris, J. B. Murton

By C. Harris, J. B. Murton

The creation of the time period periglacial by means of Lozinski in 1909 to explain the cold-climate stipulations within the sector adjoining to, yet past, the Pleistocene glaciers inspired the separate improvement of geocryological and glaciological examine. Geological and geomorphological procedures on the interface among glaciers and permafrost have, for that reason, been given much less awareness than they warrant, and the impression of 1 at the different has in lots of respects been ignored. This ebook features a selection of papers that emphasize glacier-permafrost interactions. Papers examine permafrost and its effect on glacitectonic tactics, glacial meltwater platforms and ground-ice improvement in proglacial and ice-marginal environments. moreover, contemporary examine findings are suggested on paraglacial procedures, permafrost evolution, rock glaciers, the formation of ice-wedge casts and periglacial slope evolution. it's was hoping that this e-book will stimulate curiosity within the interface among glacial and periglacial platforms, and inspire extra collaborative learn related to glaciologists and glacial geologists at the one hand, and geocryologists and permafrost scientists at the other.Also to be had: Glacier-Influenced Sedimentation on High-Latitude Continental Margins - ISBN 1862391203 glide Exploration in Glaciated Terrain - ISBN 1862390827 The Geology of Svalbard - ISBN 1897799934

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