Dark Matter in the Universe by John N. Bahcall, Tsvi Piran, Steven Weinberg

By John N. Bahcall, Tsvi Piran, Steven Weinberg

If commonplace gravitational idea is true, then lots of the subject within the universe is in an unidentified shape which doesn't emit adequate gentle to were detected through present instrumentation. This publication is the second one editon of the lectures given on the 4th Jerusalem wintry weather institution for Theoretical Physics, with new fabric further. The lectures are dedicated to the "missing topic" challenge within the universe, the quest to appreciate darkish subject. The target of this quantity is to make present examine paintings on unseen subject obtainable to scholars with no earlier event during this zone and to supply insights for specialists in similar examine fields. end result of the pedagogical nature of the unique lectures and the serious discussions among the teachers and the scholars, the written lectures incorporated during this quantity frequently comprise thoughts and reasons no longer present in extra formal magazine guides.

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A word of caution is in order. The galaxies we consider are among the best studied and the most constrained in their mass distribution. But, even for these cases, the mass models are far from unique. For example, there is no dynamical evidence (except for the Milky Way and perhaps for NGC 5907) that the disk has any appreciable mass. In all but these two cases, it would be possible to make models in which the mass of the disk is negligible and the halo dominates the gravitational field. The numbers in Table 1, although state-of-the-art, require plausibility arguments (see preceding paragraph) in addition to the observed rotation curves.

On the basis of the above-cited phenomenological relations between visible and invisible matter, we now explore the possibility that both the invisible and the visible matter are baryonic. In this picture, some of the original mass condensed into a disk and formed visible stars, changing only slightly the overall mass distribution and the rotation curve. This hypothesis accounts in a plausible way for featureless rotation curves (see Fig. 1). 085 M ) — above the critical mass density represented by Eq.

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