Death Magic by Eileen Wilks

By Eileen Wilks

Recuperating from an try out on his lifestyles through an FBI traitor, Lily Yu's boss varieties a ghost harmony that might function in secret-and open air the legislation. Lily's moral sense will not enable her sign up for. Her fiancé, lupi Rule Turner, has no such reservations. but if a senator is killed, Lily's determination turns into a question of existence and death-and all of the magic in among.

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Marrying Rule was easy. Holding the wedding was another story, but she had a list, after all. Several of them. “But I meant that the ghost was married before the death-do-you-part clause got activated. ” “You saw a ring? ” “When it reached for me, the hands got a lot clearer. ” She considered. “I should say he, not it. They looked like a man’s hands. ” No, they’d been soft hands, she remembered. Clean and cared for. Narrow palms, long fingers, nicely trimmed nails. ” Rule did not sound happy.

He consults here sometimes, but he’s at Harvard—” “Ah, but I’m retired now. C. ” “I didn’t know that. ” He smiled his vague, dotty-old-professor smile, a gentle benediction meant to baffle all inquiries. Lily took the hint and dropped the subject. ” Fagin turned that gentle smile on the Census director. “Delighted to see you again, my dear. And you’re Carl? Good to meet you. I’m afraid I’ve come to rudely steal Lily away. ” Lily snorted. “Research, my—” “A matter of personal research, we might say.

Perhaps he was imagining a grief where none existed. The stairwell opened into a hall with lovely wainscoting. Rule followed something that was not a tug, not a song, but was every bit as dear and certain to a door on the left. He knocked softly. Lily opened it. She glanced behind him, confirming that he was alone, and sighed. “I’ve washed my hands, played with my hair, glossed up my lips . . I’m running out of things to do in case someone comes up here and finds me hanging out in the bathroom.

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