Decidability, Completeness, and Extensions of Linear by Lichtenstein O.

By Lichtenstein O.

This thesis used to be conducted less than the supervision of Prof. A. Pnueli.

This study bargains with decidability, completeness, and extensions of linear
time temporal common sense. those houses are tested first for a basic classification
of versions, that aren't constrained to the execution of a selected software
(general validity), after which thought of for a category of types representing
computations of a given software (validity over program).

The learn comprises 3 major elements: the 1st offers with Propositional Temporal good judgment (PTL), the second one offers with mu-Temporal good judgment
(muTL), that is PTL augmented by means of fixpoint operators, and the 3rd half
investigates XCTL that's a model of temporal common sense that explicitly refers
to a operating clock, in an effort to specify actual time homes of reactive

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