Demon Night by Meljean Brook

By Meljean Brook

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Surely after two months, she couldn’t blame her paranoia on nicotine withdrawal. At least she could be confident that no one could see her for the next ten minutes. Determinedly, she occupied herself with a game of pinball on her cell phone until she heard a swell of laughter and voices. ” Groups of twos and threes spilled from the theater’s doors, many of them folding their collars up against the rain. The second show must have ended earlier than usual, or there’d been a problem with the projector—Old Matthew always scheduled her break before any theater patrons straggled in.

Milliken and her husband to him two months before, and that had let the husband escape the vampires who had attacked and transformed him. Ethan had taken both back to San Francisco, to Special Investigations and the vampire community there—but whatever purpose had been behind the transformation, Dr. Milliken hadn’t learned. If he had to guess, Ethan thought that, given another day or two, the demons who owned Legion Laboratories would have offered her an ultimatum. It hadn’t taken long to discover the pattern in the other scientists’ families—but after two failed attempts to approach them and offer help, Ethan had backed away.

The light rain enhanced scent—as did the concrete, slightly warmer than the surrounding air. One vampire had leaned or brushed against the corner of the coffee shop at the end of the block. The odor was mostly human, with an undertone of metallic blood and wet leather. Not a revolting smell, but Ethan preferred green apple and cocoa butter. He’d taken quite a liking to the combination: sharp and sweet, warm and mellow. It’d be a damn shame if it changed. And it was strange that it hadn’t. Of the nine scientists Legion Laboratories had recruited in the past year—three geneticists, four experts in blood diseases, and two researchers who specialized in artificial blood—only Jane Newcomb hadn’t had a close relative transformed into a vampire.

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