Denying Existence: The Logic, Epistemology and Pragmatics of by A. Chakrabarti

By A. Chakrabarti

This ebook attempts to discover, in language as non-technical as attainable, the private philosophical difficulties in regards to the logical prestige of empty (singular) phrases resembling `Pegasus', `Batman', `The very unlikely staircase departs in Escher's portray `Ascending-Descending'+ etc., and concerning sentences which deny the life of singled-out fictional entities. it is going to be interesting for literary theorists with an aptitude for good judgment, to scholars of metaphysics and philosophy of language, and for historians of philosophy drawn to the destiny of the Russell-Meinong debate. For lecturers of those points of analytic philosophy this may supply a textbook which matches past the Western culture (without plunging into any mystical japanese `Emptiness', that is what a few earlier comparative philosophers did!).

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It would bc quite awkward and misleading to do the same with our reports of present nonexistence. We might expand "Miss Marple does not exist" to "Miss Marple does not really exist" but would not expand "Agatha Christie does not exist" in the same way. Of course, we could exploit this ambiguity of "exists" and make statements like "Atlantis does not exist", meaning. non-committally as it werc. C. At this point we are tempted to compare not existing tzo,v with not being present here. If local ahsencc or not being in a place has nothing to do with noncxistence or no1 icing Illere a!

P. 79. See "Erisrence" (1987) by Nathan Salmon where he argues that all three of the following popular views are mistaken: "Exists" does not function as a first-level predicate. There is no property or concept of existence for individuals. Existence cannot be used as a constitutive concept to construct a conlplex concept of an object. Trearise. Bk. 1. Pt. IIU8n. 1. "By whatever and by however many predicates we may think a thing, even if we completely determine it - we do not make the least addition to the thing when we further declare that the thing is.

1'29. 'V See elso Casteiieda (1974). YJ Since Frege says, ("I call the concepts under which an object falls its properlies". Frege 1968, p. 5 1). '1 '.... the actual things that there are in this world do llOt exist ... lo s:~ythat they do exist is strictly nonsense. but to say that they do not exist is also striab nonsense" (Russell, 1918. p. 233). Phil. thesis. Oxfod. 1971. l? For explanations of "extra-nuclear properties''. pp. 22-32. 3 \vc shall not consider thc view. somerimes forwrcld by Rescher.

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