Destiny Decrees by Margaret Mann

By Margaret Mann

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What would be Dom Ricardo's reaction when he found his little protégée gone? she wondered with returning alarm. Would he give the eloquent shrug of the Latin and forget the incident? Coralie somehow thought not. He already held the opinion that she was a creature of impulse; he had left her in no doubt about that from the way in which he had taken her into his charge like a lost child. He did not understand that it was not entirely impulse that had brought her to Portugal, she thought defensively.

Coralie could not tell from the tone of the old woman's voice whether or not she approved of her master's action. ' Coralie's pale brow was furrowed. ' Dom Ricardo Casimiro Carvalho,' came the reply, and the pride with which his name was uttered was unmistakable in any language—amounting almost to reverence. A myriad lights seemed to flash somewhere inside Coralie's head, as memory came flooding back to her —that was, she thought vaguely, memory up to the moment she had been swallowed into a dark abyss.

But you must not worry—you will soon be recovered. ' ' Unconscious,' supplied Coralie, with a sigh of resignation. ' she asked, still struggling with chaotic thoughts. ' Yes. Look after her, he told me—I am his old nurse,' the woman offered. ' I have nursed him as a child from the day he was born and he trusted me with your life, senhorita. ' Coralie took the gnarled brown hand that lay over her own slim white one on the coverlet and raised it to her lips in a gesture of gratitude. There came a responding glow into the old peasant's tired eyes.

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