Dictionary of material science and high energy physics by Dipak K. Basu

By Dipak K. Basu

Over 3,000 phrases with transparent, operating definitions, substitute meanings, and similar references include this uniquely concentrated lexicon. released in a handy, paperback structure, it covers chemical, strength, nuclear, plasma, condensed topic, and solid-state physics, fluid dynamics, quantum mechanics, quantum optics, thermodynamics, and fabrics technological know-how.

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D’Alembert’s paradox General result of potential (irrotational) flow theory that a moving body does not experience a drag force. This result, derived in the 18th century, was at odds with both intuition and observation of flow about a body in motion. Dalgarno–Lewis method Method developed by A. T. Lewis (1955) that occasionally enables the second order perturbative correction to the energy of a state to be evaluated exactly. Dalitz pair A high energy gamma can convert into an electron positron pair in the electric field of a nucleus.

Classical limit Used to describe the limiting behavior of a quantum system as the Planck constant approaches the limit h¯ → 0. classical mechanics The study of physical systems that states that each can be completely specified by well-defined values of all dynamic variables (such as position and its derivatives: velocity and acceleration) at any instant of time. The system’s evolution in time is then entirely determined by a set of first order differential equations, and, as a consequence, the energy of a classical system is a continuous quantity.

Decay constant The probability that a nucleus undergoes radioactive decay in an interval δt is given by λδt, where λ is the decay constant. This constant depends only on nuclear properties which are independent of all other physical quantities including time. Thus, the number of nuclei remaining after a given time, t, will be N (t) = N (t = 0)e−λt . decay rate (A) The rate at which a state spontaneously decays to states with lower energy. The decay rate is also referred to as the Einstein A coefficient.

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