Dictionary of Publishing and Printing by A&C Black

By A&C Black

This absolutely revised variation comprises over 8,000 phrases, expressions, and terminology in relation to the publishing and printing industries and allied trades. subject matters coated contain: papermaking, ink, printing and binding equipment, bookselling, typesetting, computing device publishing and layout, copyrights, modifying, commissioning, contracts, rights, and digital publishing.

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A file format for storing images in which data in the file represents the value of each pixel bitmapped font / btm pt fɒnt/ noun a screen or printer font with characters formed as a pattern of pixels or dots bitmapped graphics / btm pt r fks/ plural noun images whose individual pixels can be controlled by changing the value of the stored bits bit plane / bt plen/ noun memory which stores the bits that make up a picture bits per inch / bts p ntʃ/ noun the number of bits that can be recorded per inch of recording medium.

Book club edition / bυk kl b  dʃ(ə)n/ noun an edition of a book specially printed and bound for a book club for sale to its members book club price / bυk kl b pras/ noun a special price for members of a book club, usually 75% or less of the normal retail price in the publisher’s edition book club rights / bυk kl b rats/ plural noun the right to publish a book in a book club edition book club selection / bυk kl b s lekʃən/ noun a book that is specially chosen as a lead title for a book club book cover / bυk k və/ noun a paper cover which is put on a book to protect it or book club edition | book club price book club rights book club selection | book cover to make it attractive.

Mils are still used in the USA. caesura | caked calculation | calendar calendar month calendar year calender call /kɔ l/ noun 1. a conversation on the telephone 2. a visit to somebody’s house ć The reps make six calls a day. fm Page 37 Thursday, April 6, 2006 1:33 PM 37 camera / k m(ə)rə/ noun a machine camera which takes photographs, especially in printing, a machine which takes photographs of the made-up pages of a book camera-ready / k m(ə)rə redi/ adjective relating to material in its final publishable format, ready to be photographed or electronically scanned for the purpose of preparing printing plates camera-ready copy / k m(ə)rə redi camera-ready paste-up kɒpi/, / k m(ə)rə redi pest p/ noun a typescript which is ready to be photographed as part of book production.

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