Digital Design with CPLD Applications and VHDL by Robert Dueck

By Robert Dueck

Perfect for a primary path in electronic electronics, but entire sufficient to be used by means of scholars on the senior layout undertaking point and EET execs, electronic layout with CPLD purposes and VHDL makes use of programmable common sense because the fundamental car for teaching readers within the rules of electronic layout. extra particularly, emphasis is on advanced Programmable good judgment units (CPLDs) and the software program instruments used for his or her programming, with a determined shift clear of fixed-function SSI and MSI units.

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Small outline IC (SOIC) An IC package similar to a DIP, but smaller, which is designed for automatic placement and soldering on the surface of a circuit board. Also called gull-wing, for the shape of the package leads. Small-scale integration (SSI) An integrated circuit having 12 or fewer gates in one package. Surface-mount technology (SMT) A system of mounting and soldering integrated circuits on the surface of a circuit board, as opposed to inserting their leads through holes on the board. Thin shrink small outline package (TSSOP) A thinner version of an SOIC package.

Specifically, a chip of silicon on which an integrated circuit is constructed. Dual in-line package (DIP) A type of IC with two parallel rows of pins for the various circuit inputs and outputs. Printed circuit board (PCB) A circuit board in which connections between components are made with lines of copper on the surfaces of the circuit board. Breadboard A circuit board for wiring temporary circuits, usually used for prototypes or laboratory work. Wire-wrap A circuit construction technique in which the connecting wires are wrapped around the posts of a special chip socket, usually used for prototyping or laboratory work.

GLOSSARY Active HIGH An active-HIGH terminal is considered “ON” when it is in the logic HIGH state. Indicated by the absence of a bubble at the terminal in distinctive-shape symbols. Active level A logic level defined as the “ON” state for a particular circuit input or output. The active level can be either HIGH or LOW. Active LOW An active-LOW terminal is considered “ON” when it is in the logic LOW state. Indicated by a bubble at the terminal in distinctive-shape symbols. , A AND B AND C) are HIGH.

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