Dinosaurs Past and Present. Volume 1 by Sylvia J. Czerkas, Everett C. Olson

By Sylvia J. Czerkas, Everett C. Olson

Discusses altering medical evaluations in regards to the dinosaurs, discusses bone constitution and fossil tracks, and indicates many of the most modern visible representations of the area of the dinosaur

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The resuspension lag introduced in this way is more important than the settling lag for initial concentrations as low as lOOmgl" 1 . From initial concentrations of 30mgl~ 1 , over lOOmgl" 1 to lOOOmgl" 1 , it increases from 5% over 11% to 38% of the total netlag effect. (7) The net-lag effect increases with temperature for all grain sizes, mainly because of the raised settling velocity but also because the critical bed shear-stress for deposition increases with viscosity and thus decreases with temperature.

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