Dynamic Worlds: From the Frame Problem to Knowledge by Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer (auth.), Remo Pareschi,

By Narciso Martí-Oliet, José Meseguer (auth.), Remo Pareschi, Bertram Fronhöfer (eds.)

Reasoning is an essential component of clever structures in fields like databases, common sense programming, robotics, wisdom engineering, human/computer interfaces, programming environments, and so forth. actually the sort of procedure has to deal with a altering international and its dynamics. for that reason it truly is of significant significance that reasoning needs to account for dealing with swap to be able to be actually beneficial in perform.
The publication contains numerous contributions to present methods of coming near near this challenge. at the one hand it surveys and synthesizes fresh examine paintings, whereas however new examine effects are integrated. one of the subject matters handled are logics for reasoning approximately activities and making plans, trust revision and the reconciliation of logically conflicting inputs, resolving of conflicts via merging of information and concerns within the evolution in object-oriented databases.
The publication is aimed toward the researcher and complicated pupil energetic during this field.

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Omod SPREADSHEET is protecting NAT sort Name . subsort Nat < Name op total : -> Name op (_,_) : Name Name -> Oid class Cell I val : Nat initially val : 0 . msgs add sub Nat Nat Nat -> Message . vars M N V W X Y Z : Nat . rl add(N,M,V) <(N,M): Cell I val: W> <(total,total): Cell I val: X> <(N,total): Cell I val: Y> <(total,M): Cell I val: Z> => <(N,M): Cell I val: W + V> <(total,total): Cell I val: X + V> <(N,total): Cell I val: y + V> <(total,M): Cell I val: z + V> crl sub(N,M,V) <(N,M): Cell I val: W> <(total,total): Cell I val: X> <(N,total): Cell I val: Y> <(total,M): Cell I val: Z> => <(N,M): Cell I val: W- V> <(total,total): Cell I val: X-V> <(N,total): Cell I val: Y- V> <(total,M): Cell I val: Z- V> if w >= v .

39, 40], and the equational logic programming approach of Holldobler and Schneeberger [29]. Without going into details, a conjunctive planning problem can be presented as a set of actions A, an initial state I, and a final state F, where these states are assumed to be ground; we can also view it as a generalized (in the sense of allowing predicates and variables) Petri net and two markings. The set of actions can equivalently be presented as a theory in quantifier-free first-order tensor logic.

Proc. First Int. Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications, Asilomar, California, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 4, Elsevier, September 1996. URL http: I /vvv1. elsevier. htm [14] J. R. B. Cockett and R. A. G. P. Fourman, P. T. Johnstone, and A. M. ), Applications of Categories in Computer Science, Cambridge University Press, 1992, pages 45-65. [15] P. Degano, J. Meseguer, and U. Montanari, Axiomatizing the algebra of net computations and processes, Acta Informatica 33, 1996, pages 641-667.

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