Earthbound by Joe Haldeman

By Joe Haldeman

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They might given him a host and brought away his identify. Taken his freedom, his domestic, his relatives. every little thing that made existence worthy lifing. yet they could not take his wish. .. and he or she got here to him having a look like an angel with hair the colour of silver moonlight and eyes the colour of a turbulent sea. She tenderly taken care of his wounds whereas he lay in darkness, giving him the need to move on.

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Following great ladies Don’t Have Fangs, the second one in a hilarious, clever, attractive romantic sequence approximately an out-of-work librarian who's changed into a vampire. along with her ally Zeb’s Titanic-themed marriage ceremony looming forward, new vampire Jane Jameson struggles to enhance her budding courting along with her enigmatic sire, Gabriel.

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It was a relief to be alone with him, the first time since we’d left the billet at dawn. He took my hand and squeezed it. ” “Me and you,” I said automatically. A song refrain from when I was eighteen. Paul an ancient man of twenty-nine. We walked in silence for a minute. ” He laughed. “Except Snowbird. ” “Poor us. Poor whole fucking human race. How many will be alive a year from now? ” “In a month, they’ll still be eating groceries,” I said. He nodded. ” I pinched his butt. ” We both laughed. Keeping that one monster at bay.

Over here, over here, over here. ” About halfway there, I could see her, a dark ghost in the dim sky light, dressed in black, her hands pale smudges over her head. “Excuse me,” I said idiotically, and patted her the way they did in cop shows fifty and a hundred years ago. She was about my size, but muscular. If she had a weapon on her, it was stuck in a place I was reluctant to touch. Her clothing was like satin, and it was a strangely strong erotic experience, caressing a person I’d never seen.

And there was a kind of joy when you hit the target, hand-slapping and thumbs-up—it was a group effort, and the guy you killed was just a grainy black-and-white image, like a pocket video game. “But I’ve done the opposite extreme, too. After Gehenna, I killed a man with my bare hands. Tried to strangle him, but he resisted hard. Finally beat his head against the concrete floor until . . until he died. I felt a different kind of joy then, fierce. ” “Gehenna,” she said quietly. ” “The bastards killed my mother.

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