Earthquake Hazard In Lebanon by A. S. Elnashai, Ramy El-Khoury

By A. S. Elnashai, Ramy El-Khoury

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5). It was as destructive as that of 1157 Aug. 12, but the epicentral area on this occasion was Aleppo, which was very heavily damaged: many public buildings, houses and the city walls collapsed, leaving it defenceless. Destruction was not total however, as the Syrian church survived, and the Ulu Cami mosque survived with damage to its minaret, the crescent of which was hurled almost 200 m. Even so, the death count was very high, estimates ranging from 5000 to 80 000: part of the reason for this is that Aleppo's jails were crowded with Christian prisoners.

303 Apr 2 A severe earthquake shook Sidon and Tyre, and Caesarea, where it seems to have caused a sea-wave, but no damage. It also may have affected Byblus. Many buildings collapsed, which killed thousands of people. 455 Sept A violent earthquake in Tripolis on the Lebanese coast. The city was very badly damaged and may even have been destroyed. In particular all public buildings of the city together with the aqueduct fell down, but were all rebuilt by the Emperor Marcian. This earthquake may have caused destruction over a much wider area of the Lebanese littoral.

Apparently only one man died there, however, as most of the population fled when they felt the foreshocks. The earthquake nevertheless affected a huge area, being felt in Mosul, Sinjar, Nisibis (Nusaybin), Basra, Baghdad and Wasit, and possibly in Armenia. It is not certain whether Jerusalem and Palestine were damaged or not, but the earthquake was probably felt there, and it is likely that any damage would have been slight. Estimates as to the duration of aftershocks vary from a fortnight to four months, which would tend to indicate variation from place to place.

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