Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist (3rd Edition) by Hee-Jin Kim

By Hee-Jin Kim

Contributor Note: ahead by way of Taigen Dan Leighton

Eihei Dogen, the founding father of the japanese department of the Soto Zen Buddhist college, is taken into account one of many world's so much outstanding spiritual philosophers. Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist is a complete advent to the genius of this terrific philosopher. This thirteenth-century determine has a lot to coach us all and the questions that drove him have regularly been on the center of Buddhist practice.

At the age of 7, in 1207, Dogen misplaced his mom, who at her demise earnestly requested him to develop into a monastic to hunt the reality of Buddhism. we're instructed that during the midst of profound grief, Dogen skilled the impermanence of all issues as he watched the incense smoke ascending at his mother's funeral carrier. This left an indelible impact upon the younger Dogen; later, he may emphasize many times the intimate dating among the need for enlightenment and the notice of impermanence. His lifestyle wouldn't be a sentimental flight from, yet a compassionate figuring out of, the insupportable truth of existence.

At age thirteen, Dogen obtained ordination at Mt. Hiei. And but, a question arose: "As I examine either the exoteric and the esoteric colleges of Buddhism, they preserve that people are endowed with Dharma-nature by means of beginning. if so, why did the buddhas of every age - surely in ownership of enlightenment - locate it essential to search enlightenment and interact in non secular practice?" while it grew to become transparent that not anyone on Mt. Hiei may supply a passable solution to this religious challenge, he sought in different places, ultimately making the treacherous trip to China. This used to be the genuine starting of a lifetime of relentless wondering, perform, and educating - an immensely inspiring contribution to the Buddhadharma.

As you may think, a e-book as bold as Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist needs to be either academically rigorous and eminently readable to be successful. Professor Hee-Jim Kim's paintings is certainly either.

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Thus he remarked: The ancient sages were not necessarily of sturdy build, nor were all the forebears richly endowed. It had not been long since the death of ⁄›kyamuni Buddha, and when we consider Buddha’s lifetime, not all people were superior: there were both sheep and goats. 16 This doctrine was relevant to Dßgen to the extent that it diagnosed the mass spiritual crisis of his time and aided individuals in confronting this crisis. 17 As we turn our attention from the affairs of nobles, warriors, and religionists to those of the masses, we see that the farmers, merchants, and artisans at that time were in a downtrodden state, though they had gained social and economic power.

15 His impact was to liberate Dßgen further from his sectarian restraints. As a result of this awakening, two distinctive camps of sectarian and nonsectarian studies formed. The impact of the latter upon the former was evident, though there were many rebuttals and countercriticisms. Tension between the two factions persists to this day, although by and large, the toward a total understanding of zen ❙ 7 creative interaction between the two camps until the end of World War II has benefited Dßgen studies overall.

Even though you hold them dear, the direct and indirect conditions of self and other are not to be clung to; therefore, if you do not forsake the bonds of affection, they in turn shall desert you. ”33 The Way, for the sake of the Way, heartless as it may have sounded, was the core of Dßgen’s spiritual search from beginning to end. do–gen’s life ❙ 21 Apprenticeship in Buddhism In the fourth month of 1213, Dßgen’s ordination ceremony was administered by Kßen, abbot of the Enryakuji temple on Mt. 34 Thereafter Dßgen delved deeply into a systematic study of Buddhist sÒtras at the Senkßbß.

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