Electromigration Inside Logic Cells: Modeling, Analyzing and by Gracieli Posser, Sachin S. Sapatnekar, Ricardo Reis

By Gracieli Posser, Sachin S. Sapatnekar, Ricardo Reis

This ebook describes new and powerful methodologies for modeling, examining and mitigating cell-internal sign electromigration in nanoCMOS, with major circuit lifetime advancements and no impression on functionality, region and tool. The authors are the 1st to research and suggest an answer for the electromigration results within common sense cells of a circuit. They convey during this ebook that an interconnect inside of a mobilephone can fail lowering significantly the circuit lifetime they usually exhibit a technique to optimize the life of circuits, by means of putting the output, Vdd and Vss pin of the cells within the much less serious areas, the place the electromigration results are diminished. Readers can be enabled to use this system just for the severe cells within the circuit, warding off effect within the circuit hold up, sector and function, hence expanding the life of the circuit with no loss in different features.

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If the next frequency has already given a valid solution, then exit, else repeat the flow using a frequency obtained from the previous step. Kahng et al. (2013a) also study how conventional EM fixes using per net NDR routing, downsizing of drivers, and fanout reduction affect performance at reduced lifetime requirements. , that NDR routing can increase performance by up to 5 % but at the cost of 2 % increase in area at a reduced 7-year lifetime requirement. 6 shows the flow to create NDRs per net; the following steps describe implementation in Cadence SOC Encounter (Cadence 2013).

These filters greatly reduce circuit analysis time by predicting which wires can never be mortal over the circuit lifetime under its operating conditions so that detailed analysis must only be performed over a small subset of all interconnects. 3 Clock Network At advanced process nodes, NDRs are integral to clock network synthesis methodologies. , anywhere from 16 to 40 loads for each clock buffer instance in a typical buffered clock tree solution). To satisfy EM limits, wider wiring must be used (Kahng et al.

The path that is most limited in its current carrying capacity by possible EM failure mechanisms is identified, then a possible maximum current output to the identified limiting path is stored in a design library as the EM parameter. White et al. (2016) disclosed methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for implementing electronic circuit designs with electromigration awareness for power and signal interconnects. Some embodiments perform schematic level simulations to determine electrical characteristics, identify physical parasitics of a layout component, determine the electrical or physical characteristics associated with EM analysis on the component, and determine whether the component meets EM related constraints while implementing the physical design of the electronic circuit.

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