Embrace the Night by Karen Chance

By Karen Chance

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They would given him a bunch and brought away his identify. Taken his freedom, his domestic, his family members. every thing that made lifestyles worthy lifing. yet they could not take his desire. .. and he or she got here to him having a look like an angel with hair the colour of silver moonlight and eyes the colour of a turbulent sea. She tenderly handled his wounds whereas he lay in darkness, giving him the need to move on.

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His head craned back against the mattress, teeth clenched, the tendons in his neck standing out starkly. I stared at him with a heart-squeezing ache that made me want to grab him and cling, as if that would somehow keep him safe. Instead of damning us both. His limbs finally went slack and he sprawled on his back, still breathing hard, shivers racking him for long minutes. A few locks of glossy dark hair had stuck to his throat. Other than his eyes and the pale blue veins visible just under the skin, they were his only color.

My arms were sending sharp little pains up to my shoulders and there was no EMBRACE THE NIGHT 29 purchase on the side of the chasm for my feet. How the hell far down was he? And then it didn’t matter, because a pair of booted feet stopped right in front of my eyes. I craned my neck enough to see an older man with salt-and-pepper hair and pale gray eyes smiling down at me. Manassier. Well, didn’t that just explain a lot. “I didn’t think you would get this far,” he told me in his thick accent. And to think, only that afternoon, I’d found it attractive.

Rafe took the glass I handed him, but didn’t drink. He put it down and started rubbing both hands across the bar top in an unconscious, distressed motion. “That with Tony gone and Mircea dead, there will be no one to protect us. The family will be ripped apart, each of us taken by other masters to add to their power base. And they won’t know us, Cassie; they won’t care. We’ll be commodities to them, nothing more. ” I mentally cursed myself for not thinking that far ahead. Of course Mircea’s death would be more than a personal tragedy—his position as family patriarch ensured that.

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