Encyclopedia of Prophecy by Geoffrey Ashe

By Geoffrey Ashe

From at the least 1200 B.C. and possibly lengthy earlier than, prophets have tried to determine into the longer term. Most--from historical oracles to trendy astrologers, from doomsday sects to mobilephone psychics--have been incorrect the vast majority of the time, says British researcher Geoffrey Ashe. actual foreknowledge is uncommon, yet these infrequent occurrences are impressive.

In this attention-grabbing reference paintings, the 1st to surround the total 3,000 12 months span of recorded prophecy, Ashe examines the predictions of either sturdy prophets and undesirable, together with seers like Jacques Cazotte, who forecast the Reign of Terror within the French Revolution, and Morgan Robertson, who defined the "Titanic" catastrophe 14 years prior to it occurred. He refutes the various far-fetched claims of Nostradamus, and highlights those who foreshadow occasions after his lifetime. He additionally examines failed prophecies which were influential, together with the numerous end-of-the-world forecasts, in addition to the unusually exact visions of a few science-fiction authors.

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Apollo desired her and promised her the prophetic gift if she would comply. She accepted it but then had second thoughts about her own side of the bargain. Apollo spat in her open mouth, with the result (implied also in the alternative story) that while she could foretell the future, no one would believe her. Cassandra uttered her pronouncements in fits of frenzy suggesting insanity. Their ominous tone made her proverbial as a voice of doom. When the Greeks besieged Troy to recover the abducted Helen, Cassandra predicted the city’s fall, correctly but without ef- 41 CATHBAD Troy fell.

Their example was infectious. Enthusiasts would go into shivering fits and foam at the mouth. Preachers, including adult ones, had convulsions and sometimes induced convulsions in their hearers. More children followed the first wave, making successful efforts to win back Huguenots who had defected to Catholi- 39 A French propagandist picture attributing outrages to the religious rebels called Camisards, who were forcibly suppressed in the early eighteenth century. (Bibliotheque Nationale/Photo Larousse) CASSANDRA In Manchester, however, a group under their influence remained in being for several decades and eventually attracted a young woman named Ann Lee: she emigrated to the United States and founded the sect of Shakers, which survived into the twentieth century.

One result of World War I was that Britain took over Palestine and sponsored the Zionist program of Jewish settlement. The two branches of the Chosen People were being brought together in the Holy Land, just as Ezekiel had foretold. The heyday of the British-Israel theory was in the 1920s and 1930s. ” Soon, perhaps, Ezekiel’s next chapter would also be fulfilled. This predicted an invasion of the Holy Land by the evil northern ruler “Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal”—surely a reference to Soviet Russia, Gog being Stalin, Meshech and Tubal being Moscow and Tobolsk.

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