Essential English-Gaelic Dictionary. A Dictionary for by Angus Watson

By Angus Watson

This new dictionary is meant for newcomers of Gaelic, from newcomers to college and school scholars. It supplies beneficiant insurance of the middle of the language, however the inclusion of vocabulary from fields similar to company and IT implies that it's going to even be a precious device for all those that require an up to date reference paintings. This dictionary has been absolutely learn and checked with the aid of the Gaelic Books Council.

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2 (boonJortllnnte oCCllrrence) beannachd f invnr, good health is a - is e/i beannachd a Ih' ann an deagh shlainle f invnr blelher n 1 cabadaich f cabaireachd f invnr, golleam m; 2 (person who -s) duine m cabach blight 11 1 (disnster &c) sgrios m; 2 ill expr potato - cnamh m, (lIsed with nrt) an gaiseadh m blighl v searg vt, crion vt . maidh m, staleaire III blond(e) adj biin, blond hair fait ban, a blond man duine/fear ban, a blonde woman le bhan, boireannach ban blonde 11 le bhiin, boireannach m ban blood 11 fuil f, - relationship dirdeas-fala m, - is thicker than water is tighe fuil na bum m, - pressure bruthadh m fala, - vessel caochan m fala, shed - doirt fuil bloodshed 11 dortadh-fala m bloodstream 11 ruithfna fala bloody adj 1 (lit) fuil(l)each, - battle cath fuilteach; 2 (fig, as excl, swear) 11 followed by na croiche or na galla, the - hammer!

An donas! 40 ENGLISH GAELIC DICTIONARY blast blister blast v 1 (blight) searg vt, crion vt; 2 (give fierce row to) cain I cronaich vt gu dian blatant ndj ladarna, dalma, a -lie breugfladarna blaze 11 lasair f blaze v las vi blazing ndj lasrach, a - fire leine m lasrach bleach v gealaich vti bleaching n gealachadh m . bleak ndj 1 (lalldscape) lom, a - moor sliabh m lom; 2 (sltllntlOn, prospects &c) gun dochas m bleakness n (lOlldscnpe) luime f dithreabhachd f invar bleary-eyed ndj prab-shuileach .

Cheep, cheeping 11 bid Ill, biogail f cheep v biog vi cheer" 1 (sigil ofapproval) iolach f, raise a - dean/tog iolach; 2 (1II00d, spirils &c) misneachail, they were of good - bha iad misneachail, also bha deagh shunnd m illvar orra 61 cheer ENGLISH-GAELIC DICTIONARY chill cheer v 1 dean/tog iolachf(with prqJ do), the people -ed (him) rinn/thog an sluagh iolach (dha); 2 in erpr - up tog a (&c) c(h)ridhe m, that -ed me up thog sin mo chridhe, (as vi: idiom) - up! tog ort! cheerful adj greannmhor, aighearach, cridheil, swmdach cheerfulness 1l aighear ni, sunnd 111 invar cheerio!

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