Essentials of Haematology by Kawthalkar

By Kawthalkar

Updates every one bankruptcy to coach students
on the present wisdom and practices in
the box of Haematology.The figures and illustrations spotlight the
important morphological info which enables higher understanding
This quantity is a concise textbook of
haematology which caters to the wishes of
undergraduates inmedicine.

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1. Anaemia exists if haemoglobin or PCV level is below the lower limit of normal for the particular age and sex. 6 40-50 38-45 36-42 37-46 36-42 32-42 44-60 The normal haemoglobin level depends upon age and sex of the individual and the environment. The difference of haemoglobin level between sexes is related to the androgens that have stimulatory effect on erythropoiesis. The lower level of haemoglobin during pregnancy as compared to the nonpregnant state is due to haemodilution caused by expansion of plasma volume.

Fibrinolytic system: Plasminogen, plasmin, t-PA, α2- antiplasmin, PAI-1, PAI-2. 3. Inhibitor system: Protein C, protein S, antithrombin-III. Coagulation System A number of coagulation proteins (factors) participate in coagulation reactions, which ultimately lead to the formation of a fibrin clot. According to the International System of Nomenclature, coagulation factors are designated by Roman numerals (I to XIII). 4 lists the blood coagulation factors; common names and synonyms are given on the right side.

F IX is inherited in a sex-linked manner. e. e. 31: Factor VIII gene and factor VIII molecule. F VIII gene has 26 exons and 25 introns. Polypeptide chain encoded by the gene has six regions: A1, A2, B, A3, C1, and C2. Proteolytic action by thrombin (small arrows) produces activated F VIII molecule. pathways. It is necessary for the formation of prothrombinase (Xa-V-phospholipid-calcium) in the common pathway. Factor XI (MW 160,000;1/2 life 40-80 hours): F XI is activated by F XIIa in the presence of high molecular weight kininogen.

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